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Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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Below is an essay on "Diversity in the Workplace" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Philippine Firearm Law


(Implementing Rules and Regulations)

Pursuant to Section 8 of Presidential Decree No. 1866, dated 29 June 1983, an amended, promulgated thereunder are the Rules and Regulations implementing said Decree for the guidance of all concerned.

Section 1. Definition of Terms. - For purposes of Presidential Decree No. 1866 the following terms shall mean and be interpreted as hereunder defined;

a. "Firearm" as herein used, includes rifles, muskets, carbines, shotguns, revolvers, pistols and all other deadly weapons from which a bullet, ball, shot, shall or other missile may be discharged by means of gunpowder or other explosives. The term also includes air rifles and air pistols not classified as toys under the provisions of Executive Order No. 712 dated 28 July 1981. The barrel of any firearm shall be considered a complete firearm.

b. "Explosives" - refers to any substance either solid or liquid, either as a mixture of single compound which by chemical reaction liberate, at high speed, heat and gas causing tremendous pressure resulting in an explosion, such as gunpowder, powder used for blasting, all forms of high explosives, blasting materials, dynamite, fuses, detonators and detonating agents, smokeless powder, hand grenade, rifle grenade, pillbox bomb, molotov cocktail bomb, or other incendiary devices and other chemical compound or chemical mixture that contains any combustible unit or other ingredients in which proportion or papkins that ignites by fire, by friction, by concussion, by percussion, or by detonation of all or any part of the compound or mixture causing which a sudden generation or highly heated gasses that resultant gaseous pressure are capable of producing destructive effects or contiguous objects or destroying life or limb.

c. "Ammunition" - refers to loaded shells for rifles, muskets, carbines, shotguns, revolvers, pistols and other firearms from which a bullet, ball, shot, shall...

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