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Diversity Training Initiatives Essay

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Diversity Training Initiative

Within many organizations change is inevitable, but the one thing in today’s current times that stays constant is the diversity of people. Whether you are African, White, Latin, Indian American and etc. the delivery of effective diversity training programs to manage today’s workplace is more important than ever. This paper will attempt to address the make up of diversity within my work group and possible initiatives to put in place to for each individual and group and how these initiatives can be interchangeable amongst each other and support the organizations function.

My model begins with the individual employee in the center. The individual employee is the nucleus of every organization. The value of human capital is key. In my model I have separated the employee into both genders, male and female. Within each male and female gender, they have been broken up into many different dimensions. The dimensions I have chosen are composed of race, religion, income, age. Although from our studies it explains that diversity pertains to everybody and not just simply the dimensions that I used in my diagram. I have given a simple breakdown of characteristics as the basis. Diversity pertains to the host of individual differences that make all of us unique from others. (Kinicki/PCP, 97) Some in my work organization are married versus very few of the employees are single. Both of these groups have different issues that are important to them. For example, a married couple may be concerned about college funds for their family or health benefits where a single employee can be focused on stock options and the gym discount program. The same can be explained about age and income within the employee. Each employee based upon their performance, seniority, experience, and level makes more or less money than another. This should be addressed, where one group is not singled out or excluded or on the opposite end shown favoritism.   The model I...

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