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Doctrine of Karma Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 21, 2012
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The Doctrine of Karma is a direct outcome of the extension of the age-old and well-established principle "as you sow, so you reap" to the spiritual sphere. In other words, this doctrine is nothing but an extension of the physical phenomenon observed in every day experience in nature that every action has a reaction, every effect has a cause and vice versa. According to the Karma doctrine the course of life of every living being here and hereafter is determined by his Karma or his deeds and a religious life leads to comforts, contentment and general well-being in the present life .

Sva-dharma means literally "own dharma" and has been translated as "own duty" and "particular responsibilities. Every creature comes into this world with a specific duty to fulfil which becomes the reason for existence .For Example:The svadharma of fire   is to burn. This means the main duty of fire as a cosmic element is to burn without thinking that whether it is burning for a good reason or a bad reason. Every human being has svadharma which is attached to its reason for existence. The intrinsic sense is that every human being has a predominance of satwa, rajas and tamas gunas in ones own personality. For Example: the svadharma of honey bee is to build a beehive and store its nectar.even if the beehive   is destroyed due to some reason the honey bee continues to perform its svadharma of collecting and storing its nectar in some other beehive which is created by the bee again. The essence is that keep on doing the performance. If the performance is hundred percent the result will follow .The result is not primary the performance is primary. Such sub human species does not have a faculty of choice. They just have the option to collect honey.
Human being have a faculty of choice. In a given action of situation   we have alternatives ,we can choose from those alternatives by being rational. This approach in it self is not wrong,

it is worthwhile or not to choose from a particular...

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