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Document Management Essay

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Electronic document management systems (EDMS) are meant to provide support throughout the life cycle of a document. They deal with management of information that is stored in form of documents. Information here could include data and any combination of text, graphics, voice, images, and video. EDM systems consist of different technologies such as digital imaging, document management, workflow, document input, CD and optical storage, groupware, electronic publishing and intranets, records management, and search and retrieval.
Various combinations of these technologies can be brought together to come up with new and highly efficient systems for information management. Electronic Document Management Systems combine multiple software applications in order to provide a common interface to them through the desktop in a way which acts as an excellent solution for the everyday document-keeping problems. In general, all currently available EDMS technologies are concerned with the same thing-managing document based information. These documents can be defined as segments of digital information with a particular start point and an end point which can be accessed and used by any person authorized to do so. They may be represented through vivid formats, such as alphanumeric text, vector data, spreadsheets and databases, graphics, moving images, and audio data. Regardless of format, documents serve the purpose of conveying information.

Having briefly discussed what Electronic Document Management Systems are all about lets now focus our attention on the basic components of an EDMS. Similarly an EDMS also has certain basic properties or components, which we discuss next.
Document Repository All EDM systems need to have a document repository. This is where the system stores documents that are under its management. Most commonly the document repository will be on the hard disk of a networked server.
The document repository could be in just one location on one particular...

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