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Does Rap Music Cause Vaiolence Essay

  • Submitted by: eirmeas
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Many researchers have examined the effects of how music provokes
violent behavior. This is an important issue because of how
much time people spend listening to music.These studies can help
uncover whether or not violent and aggressive music lyrics do in
fact provoke individuals to lash out in a violent way.
Anderson et al. (2003) studied whether or not media violence
influences youth. They randomly assigned youths to watch either
a short violent or a short nonviolent music video and then
observed how they interacted with other people after viewing the
music video. After each participant watched the music video for
approximately 15 minutes, both physical and verbal aggression
towards others was assessed using a 10-point scale: with 1 showing
nonviolent behaviors and 10 showing a lot of violent behaviors.
A correlational analysis was used to see if there was a relationship
between a participant watching the violent music video
and acting violent, or watching the nonviolent music video and
not acting violent. The results showed that exposure to media violence
had a statistically significant association with aggression
and violence among youth. This research clearly demonstrates
that exposure to media violence heightens the chances that a
youth will behave aggressively and have aggressive thoughts in
the short run.
Arlin (1996) examined the “influence of exposure to violent
rock videos on participants’ appraisals of their own aggressiveness”.
Participants were preselected based on their scores on a
measure of locus of control. After completing a measure of Buss
and Durkee’s Hostility Inventory, they were randomly assigned to
view either a violent music video or a nonviolent music video.
After viewing the music video, participants once again completed
the Hostility Inventory. The results revealed a main effect of
locus of control, such that individuals with an external locus of
control showed lower self-reported aggressiveness after...

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