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Don Quixote's Personal Reality Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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Don Quixote’s Personal Reality
The novel Don Quixote is full of misinterpretations, foolish explanations of events, and very distorted views on the difference between reality and imagination. At the center of almost all these misinterpretations are Don Quixote himself, who continually is mistaking reality for the illusions provided by enchantments that he insists exist. The things that Don Quixote perceives himself and also things that he is inexplicably convinced of often show his insanity very clearly, whether he is attacking windmills or being fooled into believing something that is obviously not true. However, is it possible that Don Quixote sometimes is able to consciously make up these illusions himself to deceive others, in order to win valor? Often times Don Quixote will weave stories, enlisting the use of enchantments quite often to provide explanations for the things that he does or the way that he sees things. In Part Two, chapters 22 to 23, Don Quixote adventures to Montesino’s cave, where upon his return he creates an elaborate story of what he experienced while inside. From the perception of Sancho Panza, Don Quixote had been down inside the cave for just a half hour, but that is false according to Don Quixote who insists that he was down there for three days. He then tells his story of everything he did and all those who he met while down in the cave. This shows Don Quixote’s ability to create stories and illusions to convince others of his greatness in adventuring. While Sancho and whoever else may sometimes be skeptical of the things Don Quixote claims to be actuality, does Don Quixote himself ever consciously know that he is making these things up to deceive them, or does he wholeheartedly believe everything that he says to be true?
As a self-proclaimed knight’s errant, Don Quixote lives by rules of chivalry. Along with these rules comes the belief in the existence of enchanters who cast their enchantments to deceive Don Quixote. These...

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