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Dr. Strangelove Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Dr. Strangelove and the Cold War

Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is one of the first movies to be made concerning the dangers of the Cold War. It is also known as a satire, it shows the ridiculousness of nuclear destruction and of the Cold War mentality.   The story starts off with a paranoid General, General Jack Ripper of the US Air Force, who believes that the Soviet Union, also known as the communists, is planning an attack against Americans by fluoridating the waters. General Ripper decides to launch a nuclear strike against the Soviet Union.
General Ripper orders the planes on his base to attack the Soviets. Captain Mandrake, a British officer, is not okay with this attack; therefore he tries to stop it by trying to figure out the code that’ll make the planes return. The problem is that only General Ripper knows this code. Meanwhile, another general, General Turgidson, must explain to the President, President Muffley, about this attack on the Soviets.   President Muffley lets the Soviet Premier know of the crisis, and the Premier allows the Soviets to fire at the US planes and stop the attack.
Meanwhile the Soviet Ambassador informs the President that the Soviets have a “doomsday device” this device will destroy all life on earth. If the US attacks the USSR this bomb will activate.   Dr. Strangelove, a former Nazi and a nuclear war expert, advises the President to gather hundreds of people to live underground and survive the radiation of the nuclear weapon. After a hundred years or so Dr. Strangelove says the United States can repopulate and General Turgidson says the Soviets will probably do the same. The movie ends off with a nuclear war going on and lots of explosions.
I’m not usually the type to like movies like these. I was very surprised to find out how much of a good affect it had on me. I found this movie to be funny and witty and better than most movies out today. I feel like this movie can even pertain to...

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