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Dreams Essay

  • Submitted by: Swingyjake
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Dreams of Sept. 2012

.1. Movie about Russian and Chinese camp that imprison their own kind (but the lower class only) and any class of Americans that come their way. Drinking the same water that they are bathing in. Natalie, Hob (from KCAI) and I attempt an escape plan by jumping the water that is in the middle of camp. We make it out on hands and knees in the dark. Hob says lets walk but I say we drive. I think we get in the car although not entirely sure. I wake up.
*Movie script in progress now!!*

.2. An alien that comes to earth to quest for human sperm and eggs because its own race cannot supply it anymore...when he arrives, his own kind gets angry and threatens to destroy the planet (Zack's idea for a film-not really a dream).

.3. Movie about a post apocalyptic event where the sun, water, and animals are radiated and prey on humans as they stay indoors to protect themselves.
(Go out in sunlight, all is ok, which proves the superstitious viewers from the other building windows are unsure of anything and live in fear. We're now being chased by dogs, something strange eats the dogs, it swallows it whole. Kaleb jumps down a shaft to escape in the wall of a building, i scream his name but he does not reply. I decide to go down the shaft too. I get creeped out by shit on walls which have red vine worms on them which transition to mushrooms and eyeballs now. *I literally feel the fear in my true mind* I make it down. Looks like a basement. Kaleb comes up from out of the green goo that is 3 feet deep. We are then saved and rescued   by a muscular and bald Joseph Gordon-Levitt who opens up a budged door) I wake up.

.4.   Chilling with Captain Kirk (I was Spock) in the woods. He swung a hatchet at someone near a campfire and something was casting a huge shadow over us nearby (very scary). The hatchet hits the person and it comes back like a boomerang into Captain Kirk's hand. I (as Spock) said that it was illogical for this to occur. He then showed me a...

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