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Drug War Essay

  • Submitted by: ralexander
  • on November 12, 2012
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Drug War

Use of drugs has occurred since civilization’s existences. The illegal drug market in the United States is one of the most profitable in the world. As such it attracts the most ruthless and aggressive drug traffickers. Enforcement agencies face an enormous challenge in protecting the country’s borders. United States and Mexican drug problems are deeply intertwined; U.S. demand for prohibited substances is the root cause of most violence and corruption associated with drug trafficking in Mexico. Violence in Mexico has exploded; its drug trafficking organizations murder more than 10, 000 people per year. Also millions of people enter the United States by commercial flights, by sea, or by vehicles crossing the land borders.   Within this voluminous trade, drug traffickers conceal cocaine, heroin, marijuana and many more kind of drugs for distribution in U.S. neighborhoods. Drug traffickers are criminal enterprises, generating revenues from a range of illicit activities; however, they become so rich and powerful by supplying the huge demand of drugs by the United States drug consumer. Therefore some in Mexico have called on the U.S. to debate legalizing drugs as a way to undercut drug trafficking organizations funding and hopefully stop the violence.
Now the controversy is that if by legalizing drugs would reduce violence in Mexico and therefore will reduce the drug trafficking in the United States? New Mexico governor Gary Johnson argues that legalizing marijuana is “the only practical way to weaken drug cartels. “ Legalization would reduce costs of supplying drugs by more than taxes could offset, pushing retail prices into uncharted waters. In a study by Jeffrey A. Miron, senior lecturer on economics at Harvard University, estimate that legalizing drugs would save the government approximately $40 billion annually on expenditures related to the enforcement of prohibition.   Drug legalization would be able to save many other lives. Just like with...

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