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Dslr Info and Tips Essay

  • Submitted by: nshilcosky
  • on August 5, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Dslr Info and Tips" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Aperature is     f/#     f-stop is how much light enters lens    
Lower number is equal to wider opening in lens and more light….high is opposite
A MODE is aperature priority mode setting
Switch with dial
Low aperature will focus clear initial image and will have a blur to background
As number increases, the background will come more into focus with the foreground

Want A-F   Single   not auto

Always focus on eyes for people pictures….move dot to area of screen for them

Rule of THIRDS photography rule
Camera has grid function for placement of thirds focus points
        Try to avoid centering the subject

Shutter speed is length of time it takes to take picture shutter opens and light hits sensor and then shutter closes
Shutter speeds faster will freeze the motion
Slower shutter speed is for when you do not have enough light
Sunny day not issue with faster speed… indoors without good light, need to slow it down
Sunset, slow shutter speed down   1 second, 2 second, etc.
More light will come in and wont be underexposed.   NEED TO BE ON TRIPOD because slightest shake will cause a lot of blur
Slow speed down with lots of light….you can take pictures of waterfall, slow shutter speed, it will create a silky look….you would also pic a bigger aperature number little light, but shutter is open long, balance and silky smooth effect     if still overexposed then need to filter
Sunsets, slow shutter speed down….Skyline bridge with lights streak from cars…slowing shutter speed down
S is shutter speed on dial
As increasing shutter speed….f stop will decrease so it will open up for more light
1” is 1second on dial
Longer exposure…you use tripod and set it for a timer and roll finger off
Indoors and want to increase shutter speed…need to adjust iso if not enough light
.5 second shutter speed….and f/18 or so for silky smooth with slowed shutter speed
OVEREXPOSURE = Too much Light

ISO refers to how sensitive image sensor is to light
Higher the ISO the more sensitive sensor is to...

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