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Dssdds Essay

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Contender Questions and Answer Chapter 3&4

Rasping- Uttering in a irritated tone
Suave- Having a sophisticated charm
Tinge- A slight but appreciable amount
Contender- The contestant you have to beat
Loped- Run easily
Serenely- In a peacefully serene manner
Wickers- Slender flexible branches
Lurched- Walk as if unable to control ones movements
1)     I think that the author includes the detail that Donatelli’s shoes are “curling with age but highly polished” Because even though he is old he knows a lot about boxing and knows how to teach people about it because he has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing.
2)     Donatelli’s training seems to be very strict but it seems like he is very determine to make every boxer he has the best. When Alfred first told Donatelli that he wanted to be a boxer, Donatelli said “you get up at five thirty, in the morning, before the gas fumes foul the air, and you run in the park. That’s to build up your legs in the wind. You run everyday rain or snow unless you’re sick.” Donatelli is trying to show Alfred that it is very serious but it pays off in the long run. His not trying to discourage him he is trying to encourage him so that in the end he will be very proud and knows that he can do something in his life, because not everything comes easy.
3)     Donatelli means that being champion is not good enough, because being a contender means you tried hard to get where you want to go. A champion will fail once in awhile. A contender will fail too but always try to become a champion no matter what. i agree with donatelli, because if you have no goals in your life, you have nothing to strive for and you don’t want it bad enough. My own experiences of when I wanted to be a contender is when i wanted to dance. Ever since i was little i always wanted to be a choreographer - but i will never get there unless i try and when i do it will make me happy and make me work harder than one.
4) I think that boxing is a dying sport....

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