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Dubstep Essay

  • Submitted by: dubber101
  • on January 27, 2013
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Dubstep is music centred on bass. It draws on many musical influences. Such influences include: reggae, jungle, grime, and techno. Dubstep is also formed through the elements of rhythm and colour and depending on the song melody and harmony as well.
Artists such as EI-B, Steve Gurley, Oris Jay, and Zed Bias were some of the first creators of dubstep. Dubstep originated in London around the year 1999 but the term “dubstep” only started being said in 2002, but until 2009 it was considered underground music. Only around the year 2009 did it start having a mainstream influence.
Dubstep is usually instrumental a regular dubstep song would usually be around 138-142 beats per minute. At a point in the song it will get to a part called “The Bass Drop” which is where the beat would pick up and the bass would generally reach a heavier state. A general dubstep beat would consist of kicks, snares, and claps. To make dubstep the tools used are: Sequencer, turntables, sampler, drum machine, synthesiser, keyboard, personal computer
There are multiple sub genres of dubstep, the more popular sub genres would be: 2-step which would generally have a faster beat than dubstep, Half-step which would generally have a slower beat than that of dubstep, Dub-techno that would be a techno song that shared similarities with dubstep, and Wonky (also known as Glitch hop) which is dubstep fused with hip-hop.
Listeners of dubstep are roughly between fifteen to twenty five years old. All of the people who listen to dubstep who are younger than 15 usually would only know artists like skrillex, Sell outs like skrillex do not make real dubstep because they just try to make as much noise as possible in the least amount of time, and thanks to artists like him dubstep is getting labelled as “bad”, “noise”, “crap”, etc.
A dubstep “concert” is more commonly known as a rave. At raves there would be multiple dubstep artists and the crowd would be able to dance all they wanted and are able to get as in...

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