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Easily Led Essay

  • Submitted by: brendan3xxx
  • on August 18, 2015
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The Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini
Brendan Koevoet

“There is away to be good again.” This statement from Rahim Khan reinforces the idea of sin and redemption. Without a doubt authors often write about their own place and time of their own society, The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini is no exception. The main protagonist Amir and the journey he takes to expose the themes of loyalty and devotion versus betrayal and cowardice, mans inhumanity to man and sin and redemption. These themes have been explored through the rape of Hassan and Amir’s final conflict with Assef which form the bases to this paper.

The turning point for Amir and Hassan’s friendship occurred in the rape of Hassan. It was from this point on wards the relationship between Amir and Hassan took a turn for the absolute worse, as Amir could not handle the guilt that had been put on him from not doing anything as Hassan was brutality raped by the neighbourhood bully ‘Assef’. “I became the man I am today at the age of twelve.” This remark from Amir himself suggests the idea to the readers that the rape of Hassan was not only a turn of a friendship but also the turning point of both Amir and Hassan’s lives. The last time Amir had ever seen Hassan smile was when the moment Hassan went to run the kite, within this moment the words of Hassan say are “For you, a thousand times over.” These words illustrate the loyalty Hassan had towards Amir, the loyalty of Hassan is again reinforced when Hassan makes the ultimate sacrifice for Amir, refusing to give the kite up. Amir would never make a sacrifice for Hassan like this, never would Amir stand up for Hassan even through Hassan had protected Amir all his life. This shows the loyalty and devotion of Hassan versus the betrayal and cowardice of Amir. The rape of Hassan is in fact a metaphor of how Russian portraying Assef ‘raped’ Afghanistan signifies Hassan and how the untied nationals represented as Amir had done nothing.

Within the same setting as the...

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