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Ebola Essay

  • Submitted by: MaxwellJames1
  • on August 8, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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With the ebola crisis immigrating from west Africa to our shores, we must not be hesitant to pull the trigger on drastic measures to combat the disease.   The highly contagious and lethal disease in the beginning   was only in the poor areas of west africa because of its lacking health care system. The West african people were open to a buffet of contagious disease but this one is open to the whole world.
It only takes one person to take a plane from ebola stricken area to the US and infect hundreds if not thousands of people. From there we have a large ebola crisis on our soil. It might be easy to think that you wouldn't get Ebola but it is seemingly easy to accidentally contract ebola and mistake it for the flu. Once you show or feel like you have the flu, you can   infect many just from coughing ,drooling or bleeding. From there all you have to do is what you do every day, be around people.
People who are quarantined, are quarantined because they show risk for ebola “.Kaci Hickox, a nurse who had treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, was the first person caught up in the quarantine.” It might be uncomfortable for a short period of time but would you rather infect many people with this disease or suffer silently (or very loudly) to protect the nation you swear allegiance to.
This has been the debate, whether a government has the rights to temporarily put you in a quarantine because of reasonable suspicion that you have contracted or are carrying the disease. It is for the good of the greater public that you're you are quarantined. If you make a big deal about it, think to yourself. What would I do if it wasn't me who was being quarantined? You might feel safer that the possible contamination.

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