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Econ Essay

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Macroeconomic indicators are statistics that shows the current status of a country’s economy depending on a specific sector of the economy. Macroeconomic indicators are published frequently at a certain time by either the private sector and government agency. When used properly, macroeconomic indicators can be invaluable resources for a company or forex trader. Generally, these statistics help companies to observe the economy’s pulse, thus it is not surprising that every company, whether local or international, follows with great interest these economic statistics. After the publications of the macroeconomic indicators, firms can observe the volatility in the market. The extent of the market volatility is determined by how important the indicator is (Zambia & Zambia, 1900). That is why understanding the macroeconomic indicator is vital for the growth of a company. It is therefore necessary for Dell Inc. to have a close monitoring of the market because the market indicators determine its profit outcome. The following macroeconomic indicators are therefore necessary for the growth of dell Inc.
Interest rates announcement
Interest rate is one of the vital determinants in the foreign exchange market. As the institutions set the rates of interest, central bank of a country is therefore the most prominent actors. The flows of investments are determined and influenced by interest rates. In view of the fact that currencies are the representations of the economy of a nation, difference in the rate of interest impact the relative worth of currencies with regards to another (Zambia & Zambia, 1900). A change in the interest rates by the central bank causes volatility and movement in the foreign exchange market. Low interest rates encourage investments in the economy because the cost of borrowing will be low. Dell Inc. is an international firm hence the movement in the forex market affect its financial result. Most of the operating materials are imported and at the same...

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