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Econ Final Essay

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Econ C170

The article I chose for my finale is about Apple, how it came close to becoming an unstoppable company.   This article shows the basic essences of economics with supply and demand.   Another concept shown is how Apple has risen in such a small market and created such a name for itself that consumers will follow without question.
In the basic supply and demand curve, Apple hit the market hard with all of its technology starting with the I pod.   With this technology that no one else had at the time consumers where attracted and hooked on these devices.   Apple then took the market by storm with its stunning improvements to the phone, allowing people to do pretty much whatever they want.   This gave Apple such a name that consumers without question will buy their products. Every time a new I phone comes out the advertising hooks consumers bringing the demand up, but the supply never seams to match.   This allows stores to sell out of the product and keep the consumers who where unable to get there hands on one, wanting it even more.
The next concept is how Apple is a very strong competitor in this oligopoly.   Sense Apple made a great brand name for itself, the consumer views that they are the best and that no one can compare.   Now other companies have technology that can compete with Apple that is more affordable allowing these firms into the market.   With Android on the market consumers can now make the decision to chose ether very expansive technology or a product that is equally as good as its competitor for a better price.   With recent news about how Apple operates, may make the consumer skeptical about weather they are a good choice or not, puts strain on how Apple will sell their devices.
Even though Apple has hit some minor speed bumps, they still have plenty of hardcore followers that will pay the increase in price to have that better technology and the piece of mind that they have the latest device.   Apple which came close to a monopoly is now in...

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