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Economy Essay

  • Submitted by: chaaarrawr
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Nestor D. Andalan Jr.
September 17, 2012

  1. Explain the difference between customer satisfaction and customer value.

          Customer value is simply what customers get from their purchase, it is all about the benefits that consumers gets from the product while customer satisfaction is how the product meets or surpasses the expectations of the customers. How the features of the product or how the product meets the expectation.

  2. In many consumer products companies marketing executives seem to play the lead role in the new product planning, whereas research and development occupy this position in firms with every complex product such as electronics. What do these differences exist? Do you agree that such differences should occur?

  3. Discuss the features and limitations of focus group interviews for use in new-product planning.

  4. Identify and discuss the important issues in deciding how to organize for new-product planning.

  5. Discuss the issues and trade-offs using tight evaluation versus loose evaluation procedures as a product concept moves through planning process moves to the commercialization stage.

  6. What factors may affect the length of the new-product planning process?

  7. Compare and contrast the use of scanner test and conventional market test.

  8. Is the use of single city test market appropriate? Discuss.

  9. Examine the new product planning process assuming a platform strategy is being used by the organization. How does the use of platform strategy alter the planning process?

  10. Discuss the potential role of the Internet in the new product planning process. Which stages of the process may benefit most from Internet initiatives?

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