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Education Essay

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Foundations of psychology
Shadd Campbell

Foundations of psychology
The discipline of psychology was initially founded and based on both the science of biology and theories of philosophy. For centuries individuals have endeavored to explain human behavior through various methods of research and investigative studies; eventually these studies developed into what is known today as the field of psychology. While there are presently numerous branches and theories in regards to the discipline of psychology; Wilhelm Wundt, known as the “father of experimental psychology”, helped to propel studies related to the school of thought referred to as structuralism.
[The] first psychologists conducted their research in physiology and philosophy departments until 1879 when Wilhelm Wundt founded the first psychology laboratory at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Wundt found a school of thought referred to as Structuralism which sought to break down the mind's conscious experience into its most basic elemental structural components in order to understand how the mind assembled those parts into our mental experience (University of Texas, n.d.).  
Structuralism was concerned with analyzing the ways in which each element of the human mind worked separately to determine actions, thoughts and behaviors. It was assumed that by being able to explain how components of the mind were structured, the functions of these components could be better understood. The main downfall of this approach was that theories were based on subjective information instead of empirical data.
Functionalism was an additional school of thought which developed as an objection to the beliefs of structuralism. Individuals concerned with this psychological discipline believed that mental processes could be properly analyzed with the use of objective methods of research based on fact instead of opinion.
The functionalists tended to use the term 'function' rather loosely. The term is used in at least two...

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