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Effective Customer Services Essay

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Yellow Cab Company
Ivy Le (MIT120644)
Jiaqi Jin (MIT130516)
Ran Liu (MIT130444)
Overview (slide1)
The Nature of Service
Customer Identification
Communication Methodology
Service Delivery Process
Development of Physical Evidence Risks and Competitors
Background (slide2)
Yellow Taxicabs history:
  * The original Yellow Cab Company (YCC) firstly opened in Chicago & Illinois.
  * As known as one of the largest taxicabs in United States.
  * Expansion from European to Asian Nations.
  * Australia YCC was adopted horse-drawn taxis
  *   The first operator was Queensland
  * Following the Brisbane introduced 1st horse-drawn Taxis (1965)
  *   Identified as hansom cabs a more elaborate type
  * The motor taxis were no longer being introduced in Australia.
  *   Until 1906 Sydney inaugurated motorised taxicabs
The Nature of Service(slide3)
  * Targets on the people’s bodies in passenger transportation.
  *   The informal relation of the discrete transaction.
  * Highly requires the regular contact personnel exercise judgement in meeting passengers daily.
  * Extent to which supply is constrained trends to peak demand regularly exceeds capacity & wide- opened the extent of demand fluctuations overtime.
  * Operation in a logical order so that the service strategies socialise well to the employees.
  * Organizational citizens achieve back to its proposed strategies.
Customer Identification
  * The universal cultural values and cross cultural differences.
  * defined the customer identity not specifically on race, religion or culture but are targeted the function
Multi Passengers (MPT, 2011).
  * Identification on customers type is eventually beneficial
  * YCC classification is configured that the vehicle could carry up to six passengers, maxi cab can be up to ten seater
  *   traditional cabs can fit four seater are suited whether the passengers
E.g sporting events,...

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