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Effectiveness of Oral Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: debra2002
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: English
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1       My name is Bidemi Liadi. I’m here to encourage my fellow employees to take the customer service training. Customer Service is one area that can set your our company apart from our competition. Everyone in this department will be attending this training including the managers. It’s a great class that increases the satisfaction of customers as well as boosts the morale’s of employees. The training will cover everything we need to know to help the customer.
2       For the past few months now, there have been so many complaints about bad customer service.   Complaints are really an opportunity to win the customer’s loyalty. We this complaint, we can lose most of our customers to our competitors. If that happen, the company will not make enough profit to pay employees. We all need our job for one reason or the other.
In order to provide good customer service, we need to help the customers beyond and above in order to meet customer expectations. In order to meet their expectation, we can do the following:
  * Listen well: Listening is important to addressing customers complaints
  * Be patient: Angry customers may have tendency to be long-winded if we are not patient
  * Be Proactive: once the problem is identified, inform them with the solution
  * Be honest: Be realistic and honest when offering solutions to customer’s problems
3           I understand the difficulty part of the training.   The training facility is too far for us to attend.   We don’t need to be worry because the management will be reimbursing all travelling expenses as well as tows. After the training, each employee can fill out the travelling expense invoice via the company website and the refund will be issued immediately with the manager’s approval.
4         I’m asking everyone to attend this training including the managers. By taking this training class, we can all have the full knowledge on how to treat our customers. We will be able to learn outstanding customer service...

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