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Effects of Fast Food Essay

  • Submitted by: rosalynmiles0422
  • on October 5, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Effects of Fast Food" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Ever wonder why there are so many McDonalds around? Why the TV ads make those fast food burgers looks so delicious? These things are all done in intelligent marketing. Fast food places   are purposely placed close to schools and colleges, where students have easy access to what they like to eat. Cafeterias themselves serve up junk food, much like fast food forcing kids to take on an unhealthy way of life even if their parents have practiced a healthy way of eating at home. There are many reasons why fast food is bad for you. In this paper I am going to address some of these issues as well as alternatives.
The first reason that we like fast food is because it’s quick, and it’s cheap. Fast food companies are outnumbering actual restaurants because they're food is ridiculously affordable, easy to get to and s delicious. The saying goes that, 'what tastes good for you, is bad'; that may be true for fast food in specific, seeing that many people turn away from their fruits and vegetables. The United States holds the record for the most obese nation with many others catching on to make it to the finishing line first. Fast food, is in one word dangerous. It contains a host of chemicals that are dangerous to health, building up with time in our bodies before it strikes back in opposition. Those who are used to eating fast food may suffer no ill effects, but the expanding waistline , for now.
The Dept. of Agriculture recommends an adult male get 2,800 calories per day with 93 grams of them coming from fat - max. At a fast food chain, that could be eclipsed in one meal. And the calories in fast food come mainly from fats and sugars. Rapid weight gain and the subsequent change in your body's lepton production is one of the effects of fast food. Once your body recognizes this new level of lepton production as normal, your body will attempt to stay at the new weight indefinitely.
Because most fast food meals contain some form of red meat, fast foods are high in cholesterol,...

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