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Efficient Elitricity Essay

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English III
Efficient ways to making electricity
January 18, 2012
Efficient electricity
By kyjuan Johnson

There are many different options for an alternate source of electricity. It is our job to find the right source of electricity that largely benefits us but immensely benefits our earth and our atmosphere so that one day we can stop global warming and start repairing our atmosphere. It is very important to have a reliable yet a clean source of energy that doesn’t just eat our atmosphere away. There are so many different alternative ways to making electricity like solar power wind turbines, (wind power), clean coal, wave electricity or even ethanol there are so many other choices we can make, CLEAN CHOICES. Why do we choose not too? Why not go the clean way? We need to result to the more efficient way.
The outlook for using solar power has risen in the past decade people are starting to finally put effort into helping the environment by installing solar panels on the top of their roofs and letting the panels be their source of electricity. Solar energy is so much better for the earth and so much easier to harness than most other sources, but just like anything else it also has its cons they are quite expensive to by and to harness enough electricity to run your house you must have quite a few to do so. They are also not cheap to install the installation process is not hard it’s just a little expensive. This whole process isn’t cheap but it’s a clean way to harness electricity and help save the earth so why not dish out a little cash to help save our planet. Now even though the panels are high in price the government is working hard to try their best in lowering the price of the panels so they are more affordable to those who may not have as much currency as others. Not only is solar panels good but they are also opening up jobs for individuals with the larger amount they sell the more installation jobs open up. As you can see solar panels are an...

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