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Egg Donation Essay

  • Submitted by: mmelqonyan
  • on October 4, 2012
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When couples realize that they are infertile, they face several solutions.   Some couples decide to remain childless.   Others adopt children, attempt in-vitro fertilization, or look for donated eggs.   While the act of donating one’s egg to help another woman have a child may be very moving, and the money that will be obtained for that donation can be very appealing and convenient, a woman considering donating her eggs should think through her decision very carefully.   Despite its appeal, the essence of egg donation goes against the nature of both the parents and the babies, treats the baby as a commodity or other market product, exposes the donor to health risks, and can take on a coercive nature.   As a result, donating eggs is an unethical practice in terms of nature, medicine and convenience. 
Is it ethical for a woman to undergo hormonal and surgical treatment to donate eggs to another infertile woman, for money?   Is it ethical for an infertile couple to buy a baby?   Is it ethical for the couple to pay for certain characteristics, such as intelligence, sportiness or good looks?   Jessica Cohen decided that it is not.   In 2002, while studying for her undergraduate degree at Yales, Jessica Cohen saw an advertisement offering $25,000 – significantly more than the average offer – for the ‘perfect’ egg donor, an athletic woman of Jewish heritage, over five feet tall, and with an SAT score of at least 1500 (Cohen, 2002).   Jessica met most of the description – all but the 1500 SAT score – so she contacted the couple and began corresponding with them regarding her characteristics and the possibility of donating her eggs.   The price was very attractive, and could have made her life easier for a while. Nevertheless, after reading some of the emails from the perspective father, and thinking carefully about her decision, Jessica decided against donating her eggs, largely due to the manner in which the couple was trying to tailor design their child (Cohen, 2002).   Jessica’s...

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