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Eggsperiment Essay

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Science Eggsperiment Eggsay

When he drops my egg out of the window it becomes a projectile affected by force. Force is a push or pull described by its magnitude and the direction in which it acts. There aren’t any direct forces being applied on the egg’s container or parachute, but there are several aspects affecting the process of its descent and it’s landing. Wind is an unbalanced force that could affect the landing. Unbalanced forces cause net forces and changes in the containers velocity. Friction is another force that would be affected. The specific type of friction would be fluid friction because there is a solid object moving through a fluid. When the object falls air acts as the fluid. Gravity is what causes all objects to be pulled straight down to the center of the earth. Gravity is another force acting on the container and parachute. Things fall because of gravity. Things fall faster if they’re heavier the due to the gravitational force or weight. The parachute is used to slow down the falling object during free fall, which is only happening before the parachute opens. This is called air resistance. Air resistance is a fluid friction that helps slow down the landing of the container.

To make my Eggsperiment, I first took a plastic container and decorated it. Then, I applied soft, cushiony material inside the container to keep the egg from cracking during the fall. I inserted some tissues for extra support in the middle of the container. I decided it would be too difficult to try to make holes in the plastic so I used a match to burn three holes in the soft, blue material. (With parental supervision). I put shoelaces through each hole and tied them to a normal Gelsons plastic bag. When I tested dropping the Eggsperiment the plastic bag didn’t have enough air resistance to slow it down. I tried a different brand of plastic bag, a more durable one.   When I tested the new plastic bag it worked much better. I hope my egg survives when he drops it out...

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