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Egypt Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Intellect of Egypt: The New Kingdom
Intellect is often defined as the ability to think abstractly and the capacity for higher forms of knowledge and understanding. Intellect in the New Kingdom did not stray from this definition. The New Kingdom of Egypt extended from ca 1550-1070 B.C. The New Kingdom is often referred to as the glorious time in ancient Egypt (New). During the New Kingdom period, many well-known pharaohs ruled over the land of ancient Egypt. While there were certain individuals in power, there were also groups that had an impact on civilization. The most infamous group in the New Kingdom was the Hyksos. The Hyksos were an important influence on Egyptian history. The Hyksos were driven out of ancient Egypt by the New Kingdom’s earliest ruler. Egypt did in fact benefit from the Hyksos’ foreign rule, though. It made Egypt a stronger country, with a more viable military (New).
In relation to intellect, many questions can be asked in reference to the New Kingdom. How did they gather new ideas? What did they invent? Did all members have access to public education? Did women have the opportunity to receive an education of any sort?
In the New Kingdom time period, inventions were made due to the ability to think abstractly and the desire the civilians had to gain further knowledge. One of the many inventions brought up out of the New Kingdom era was the sundial. The sundials in Egypt were more precise than any of the other sundials built in their time span. The Egyptians are credited to have built the earliest known, and still preserved, shadow clock. The clock comprised a straight base with a crosspiece at one end. The base held six time divisions, the east end represented the morning and the west end reflected the afternoon. The shadow of the crosspiece on the base indicated the time. (Sundial).
Women in the New Kingdom lived in a contradicting society.
Playing was a big part of learning the basic for offsprings even toys were things that taught...

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