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Eiksons Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: Sthamza1
  • on October 20, 2013
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The field of psychology, through the inspiration of Sigmund Freud, Erickson developed his own theory of the psychosocial stages of development of individuals. Erikson explains how human’s personality is developed within an individual, the crisis and the conflicts that all humans experience. Erikson’s theory of psychosocial stages of development describes eight developmental phases, in this essay I will discuss Erikson’s view on the development of identity and show whether I agree with the criticism that he failed to take gender into account in his theory.
According to Maier, H.W. (1988, P 86) “development is an evolutional process based upon a universally experienced sequence of biology, psychological, and social events, including autotherapeutic ‘healing’ of development complications encountered in the course of growing up”, this suggest that in order for individuals to go through personal development, they need to go through experiences that causes then to have a crisis and conflict, were they are faced with dilemmas,   they need to deal with those conflicts in order to redefine themselves to develop their personality. This is further explain by Crain (1992) who suggest that emotional development and social adjustment are significant personality moulders and almost every aspect of Adolescents needs security, affection, independence and they should seek an appropriate social role for themselves.
According to Erikson’s concept of Development in According to Maier, H.W. (1988, p87)” the human being is an evolving system; in each moment of life development, the individual, in one sense, chooses between opposite and, in another sense, incorporates such opposite in order to create a new and unique life situation”. This, according to Erikson can be described in eight progression developmental stages: (1) a sense of basic trust while overcoming a sense of basic mistrust, (2) a sense of autonomy while combating a sense of doubt and shame, (3) a sense of initiative while...

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