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Elegy For Margaret Essay

  • Submitted by: chirayuv
  • on February 19, 2012
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Mid-term break by Seamus Heaney

Mid-term break is an elegy written by Seamus Heaney and is based upon
a true story which happened to him in his childhood. Seamus is writing
as an older man looking

back to his past and the poem concerns the tragic loss of his younger

The title, “Mid-Term Break”, gives the reader, at first glance, the
thought that it is about nothing but a normal school break, a happy
time. However, only when the reader finishes the second line of the
poem is one’s curiosity aroused. Throughout the poem, Seamus paints
the picture in a chronological order, from event to event. Beginning
from when he is at college; picked up by his neighbours; enters his
house and meeting various people and finally meeting his dead brother
for the first time in 3 weeks. He uses a metaphor in the last line of
this poem to compare length with time; “A four foot box, a foot for
every year” and from this short phrase, the reader discovers the real
age of the body and is bound to be in deep grief to know that the dead
is only a 4 years old.

Heaney’s poem, containing 7 stanzas and 1 line, has lines which are
comparably the same length. Each stanza has 3 lines and there are
breaks between each stanza. The reason Seamus separates his story into
different stanzas is because each one is dealing with something
perceptibly different, as if moving from one scene to the next in a
movie. The final line of the poem is Heaney’s intention to make it
stand out by not including it in a stanza, but writing it as a single
line. There is no rhyme in this poem but a rhythm of strong beat can
be found in the third stanza; “the baby, which cooed and laughed and
rocked the pram”. This rhythmic phrase shows a contradiction between 2
ideas; a funeral is supposed to be a depressing theme but the baby
seems to be happy and unaware of the things happening around it.

Audiences reading “Mid-term break” would feel as if they...

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