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Elements of Religious Traditions Essay

  • Submitted by: brandyduvall
  • on January 8, 2013
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Elements of Religious Traditions

Brandy Duvall

August 16, 2012
Miguel Rodrigues

Elements of Religious Traditions

      During the class readings for week one, I found that there are many different religions that mostly follow the same beliefs. I encountered other subsidiary religions that branched off from the main ones that follow different beliefs and traditions. The following is the information I found to be useful and meaningful while reading about the different traditions amongst religions.
      The first religion I would like to touch on is Wicca. Wiccans and Druids believe in praising two deities, both male and female. They also believe in sabbats, solstices, equinoxes, esbats, and Samhain. Samhain is the biggest ritual out of all the others because it marks the end of the old year and beginning of the New Year and normally takes place around October thirty first every year. This religion seeks harmony with the forces of nature and worships both female and male aspects of the divine.
      The second religion that I will be discussing is Scientology. Scientology is known as a modern religion that promotes a process of focusing thought and clarifying life goals. Scientology has the religion broken up by stages, for example; a Pre-clear is someone who has not yet been spiritually liberated because they just begun to undergo the auditing process. The auditor is a counselor who through a series of questions works to guide a person to greater self-understanding. Scientology also offers a Bridge, which is a diagram of the stages toward personal liberation. Someone who is fully spiritually liberated is known as an Operating Thetan.
      The third and final religion I would like to touch on is Christian. This religion has a belief in worshipping only one divine deity. Sunday church rituals and gatherings are what this religion is all about. There are many different forms of Christianity in the world that has spread out from its original...

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