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Elephant Man Essay

  • Submitted by: sammyw08
  • on February 19, 2012
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The film, The Elephant Man, by David Lynch is a heart-wrenching film that highlights the life of John Merrick, who is better known as the elephant man. He resided on the streets of Victorian England. Joseph Merrick's physical appearance had so many drastic differences from the average human that it was somewhat frightening.
An ambitious young surgeon named Frederick Treves, seeks out Merrick as a subject for his freak show presentation to the Pathological Society. He also arranges for Merrick to have a permanent home on the premises of a London Hospital. The film, The Elephant Man, portrays Treves as rescuing Merrick from an afflicted existence in the disheveled wharf district. This is where he was beaten savagely and otherwise abused by his sideshow manager by the name of Bytes.
The Elephant Man had many humorous parts and much more emotional bits. The thought of people having so much cruelty inside of them to treat this poor man with so much hatred and deceit, sickens me. However, the uncertainty of not knowing if our society would do the same this very day frightens me even more.
When it comes to family, John Merrick did not have much. When John lays down, for the last time in his hospital bed, he peacefully passes away. He is welcomed into the glory of beautiful Heaven by his mother. His mother is depicted as a loving and caring mother who is more than ecstatic for the arrival of her beloved son.
Like many films this movie has received numerous reviews of all types, both negative and positive. I personally believe that this film was very well developed and put together. I would, absolutely, recommend this movie to everyone.

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