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Embedding Technology Essay

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Introduction 3
Application of Theories to E-Learning 3
Changes to the Roles of Learner and Tutor 5
Experiences Within this Modul 5
Application to a Level One Module in Higher Education 6
Background 6
Conclusion 7
References 8

Appendix A   Mind Map of Module and Assignment-Related Areas 10


This essay will seek to relate the use of technology in enabling learning not only to the work of ‘traditional’ learning theorists such as Piaget, Kolb, Honey and Mumford. Vygotsky and Biggs but also to theorists in the field of E-learning such as Salmon and Laurillard.

It will further seek to recognise and describe the changes in the roles of learner and tutor that are required for successful use of technology in learning. This will be related not only to the theory and the author’s experience in this module but also to the design, implementation and reflection upon the use of technology for learning in a level one, semester two ‘Systems Analysis and Design’ module in the faculty of computing, engineering and technology.

Application of Theories to E-Learning
Although it is postulated in the JISC model of e-learning that there are no models of e-learning per se (Mayes and de Freitas 2004), there is little doubt that the principles of good design of pedagogy\andragogy are equally valid when incorporating technology into the learning process (Mayes and de Freitas, 2004). In short,   ensuring the alignment of assessment and learning outcomes (Biggs, 1999) and ensuring there are no inconsistencies between the methods used, the learning environment and assessment used (Biggs, 1999).

Balaban recognises that technology is an integral part of the ‘scaffolding’ that can support a learner (Balaban, 1995).   Responding to questions and with positive interactions as well as providing learning opportunities that are within the Zone of Proximal Development (Vygotsky, 1978) are key to enabling learners to build their own mental models...

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