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Emerald Green Waters Essay

  • Submitted by: fnwolfe
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Wolfe 1
Noel Wolfe
J. McNamara
ENGL 1001
4 September 2012                               

Emerald Green Waters: Years at the River         

      Up the winding road to the tributaries of the south fork of the pristine Sacramento River, are the sparkling diamond and emerald pools of water that bring me much delight and gratitude. Here at my serene river domain I found my sanctuary, my heart, and my strength. An inviting backyard home in the enchanted woods surrounding Mount Shasta, always there for me and my children.
Along the bumpy, dusty dirt path my two  boys and I drive along the road to come and park right next to the bustling river. The very lowest pool of my favorite stretch of river is the largest of many along the canyon. A small jovial waterfall meets the the open spread of crisp mountain river water, where fish swim and LotusMoon and Sapphire learn to dive attentively into the close quarters of  the river basin. I lean stretched out  over a large hot boulder, the sun kissing my skin. Absorbing all the sensation of the the forest. Watching my little boys revel in the magic of the woods, splashing joyfully, full of youthful spirit that I take in abundantly. The great blue sky above the golden globe of light spreading living glitter across the water. The summer wind rustling the leaves and the mighty evergreen trees swaying with elegance.
Wolfe 2
 As we move up river on foot, jumping large granite stones and boulders along the way, we come to the next  summery oasis. Here the canyon opens wider, but the river narrows. The water is clear and slightly shallow, perfect for two brothers to stand in and splash each other. Tiny colorful pebbles line the bottom and press into my feet. We all lay our bellies down in the chute of water and put our hands down on the riverbed floor to support ourselves. We float and laugh, getting water up our noses!
      The two center pools of the canyon are where we make camp at the rivers edge. Our base for...

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