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Emilys Love Story Part 1 Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Emilys Love Story Part 1" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Emily lived with her mom in New York City. Well you could barely call it living with her mom, since her mom worked 14 hours a day most days. When she was home, she was dead tired and sleeping either on the couch or in her bedroom. Emily was a 16 year old high school sophomore. Since she was 11 years old, she was pretty much on her own when it came to cooking and cleaning. Her mom left early in the morning and come home after dinner time, so Emily would prepare breakfast for herself, prepare her school lunches, and cook dinner when she got home.

Emily felt a little sorry for her mom since she had to work so much to keep the food on the table, cooking and cleaning the house was the least she could do. Jane wouldn't have to work so much if Emily’s dad wasn't a complete asshole.   Emily never got to meet her dad, he took off when she was just a few months old, making Jane take Emily to a babysitter as she went back to work earlier than she planned.

The good thing was Emily’s babysitter was just across the hall of their apartment building. See the building Emily and Jane lived in was a very old building with cracked walls in the hallways and some graffiti on the less visited floors. The building was always dirty, since the building owner didn't think it was worth the money to hire a staff to clean the stairwells. The outside of the building wasn't much better either; you could find bums lying around all the time in the parking lot sleeping against the walls. That wasn't the worst part; Emily had seen drug deals happening countless times when she came home from school. After a while though, she got used to it.

To say the least, it wasn't a very nice neighborhood. Emily and Jane’s apartment was a small one bedroom apartment with a kitchen/living room and a bathroom. The apartment was set up so that as soon as you walk in, there is a big open space which is the living room. To the right in the middle of the living room, there was an opening which was the...

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