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Empires and Imperalism Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Empires and Imperalism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Racism... Religion... Control... Power... All of these words pop in your mind when you hear about empires or imperialism, even though they aren’t exactly the same. Modern imperialism is unlike historic empires because empires treat people on their religion, not the people’s skin color; imperialism is to spread the country’s power while an empire is just a group of states or countries under a single supreme authority to spread culture; and an empire has an emperor or an empress while imperialism is a country who has more power than other country basically saying that they are better than them.

All empires were a failure because all at one point failed and vanished; their government system wasn’t horrible but not good; and most of the time, the rulers would make the ruled suffer in some way. An empire is an extensive group of states or countries under a supreme authority called an emperor or empress depending on their gender. Empires are similar to the way our economy and government are now shaped. For example, the rich pays less tax while the poor pays more. Doesn’t that remind you of how the Mughals treated the Muslims more kindly than the non-Muslims?

The Mughal Empire was started in the late 1400’s and before was ruled by the Gupta Empire. Babur was the first leader and laid the foundation for the vast Mughal Empire. After his death, his son, Humayun, lose most of the territory Babur had gained. His thirteen-year-old son soon took over when Humayun died. Who he, was the golden age for the Mughal Empire! Akbar, which meant the “greatest one,” lived up to his name. He ruled the land quite fairly from the 1556 to 1605. The technology he used in his military (cannons that enabled him to break through walls) and his political wisdom made the empire expand largely and turned potential enemies to allies. Thus enabled Akbar to unify a land of at least 100 million people. His cultural blending created two new languages: Hindi and Urdu; brought in much needed money...

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