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Employee Expectations Essay

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By observing and providing detailed feedback, you play a critical role in the employee's continued success and motivation to meet your performance expectations (Performance Management, n.d.).   By observing a roofing supervisor on the jobsite while they are performing daily job functions gives the rater a good idea of how they perform their job on a day-to-day basis, how they manage their crew, and how they meet goals and deadlines.   This allows a manager to see firsthand how the training, such as safety and productivity on the worksite, the company has provided and the knowledge, skills and abilities that the employee possesses are put into the job.   Specific facts, events and behaviors that are associated with a persons’ job routine and how these routines produce the results wanted from the company can be learned through observing an employee.   One would not know this unless they work side by side every day.   So, by making these observations and directly observing a supervisor to see the results of a persons’ job performance, the productivity employees generate and the impact of their work, the rater can collect surplus data to make both admiration and beneficial feedback more operative (Guide to Performance Management, 2008).  
One policy that employs observation on the jobsite – nees a policy for each one (obs, coach, feed)

From observing an employees’ performance, a rater can then decide of any coaching that they see fit for the employee to have.   Coaching is a technique of strengthening communication between you and the employee and it helps to form performance and surge the probability that the employee's results will meet your hopes (Guide to Performance Management, 2008).   Having a coaching meeting with a roofing supervisor to dicuss the observed behaviors you have recorded permits the rater to focus on a few areas of his performance.   It also allows you to explain development toward meeting standards and goals that have been equally agreed upon.   This...

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