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Employment and Training in Tourism Kenya Essay

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Below is an essay on "Employment and Training in Tourism Kenya" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Identification of research topic
All research must start with topic selection
Practiing a research can identify the many social problems that are distusrbig in the society.
For such disturbing issues, there is need to raise concerns or the need to address the issues.
Qnhink of some topics that could be interesting for a study. Why do you think such topics are worth studying?
Guidelines to topic selection.
1. An interesting topic
That wich   will raise the attention of listeners and poliscy makers. That which is compelling information processing to sol;ve a problem.
Topic that attracts   attention of scolars and policy makers. That which is   appealing to donors.
A topic what is   reasonable
Topics that have been over,   reasonable should be avoided.

Ref: Singleton et al (1988)
Singleton   identifies five factors that affect topic selection in the social sciences.
The structure   and the state of the   scientific discipline:
Some social   services are well developed implying that they have well developed   theories, many studies that have ben done and   concerns.
In such sciences ir, be possible to test existing theories   amd challenges exploiting findings.
When dealing with a relatively oung discpline, we do research to formulate theories.

Social problems
Scholars are interested in understanding te   human conditions in the society.
Here we examine the   existing human conditions in the society and identify one leading   social problems.
Research will be based on the exisiting social   problems in the society and research while be geared towards gathering information that will be used to solve the existing problems.
The research will be qualified as applied research (solution oriented) . This determines   topic selection especially in developing or poor countries.
Personal values of the researcher
The personal
Social premiums

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