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Employment at Will Essay

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Employment at Will
I will set measurement criteria for her based on the Likert scale. I would adopt certain criteria to judge Jennifer, as I have rating of performances and jobs of other employees as well.   Employee has a task to learn computer applications on daily basis which are her basic job responsibilities but, if she is not doing her basic job then I will rate her 2 on job performance (Press and, Stephen P. Robbins, 2012).  
The first 90 days for each employee is the prohibition period and, employee has to perform in an efficient and active manner during this phase, and in this phase if she fails to perform well then, the organization has the right to take strong action against her.
For example, “5” shows seldom or never while “1” presents always. As criteria of this rating, if I rate an employee with 3 then, this clearly indicates that performance is average or satisfactory. With the help of these ratings, employee tends to know, that where she stands or, how is her performance according to the standards of organization. This appraisal system help employee to improve their performance when she stands on the rating of “1” or “2” (Press and, Stephen P. Robbins, 2012).

Managerial Approach
If she is thinking that, she is wrongfully charged and, not accepting the late policy of the organization then, she is not ready to accept the culture of the organization and, taking a wrong advantage of employment at will policies (Robert D. Pritchard et, al, 2006). I will commence a meeting with her in order to solve this issue and, understand what she wants from the organization and, what problems she is facing to understanding the culture of the organization (Press and, Stephen P. Robbins, 2012). I have to apply contingency approach in order to understand her problems while working in this organization. It is also the fact that, she is finding difficulty with the trainer and, trainer or instructor is not able to guide her in a proper way that is why she is not...

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