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Employment Law Essay

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Week Three Assignment
Renee Munoz
Employment Law
Professor : Brain Lahargoue
Devry University
November 14, 2011

Week Three Assignment

Question one:   Define BFOQ and list to which characteristics it applies.
Answer: Definition of   BFOQ, Bona Fide Occupational Qualification. Employers may discriminate because of religion, gender, and national origin if they can establish that there is a bona fide occupation qualification. This condition does not generally apply to race and color, except for the casting of certain actors in the movie theatre. Says Moran, J Employment Law, p.188

Question Two: What is the purpose of the Glass Ceiling Commission?
Answer: The purpose of the Glass ceiling Commission is to give women and minorities a chance at advancement in the workplace. According to Congress (1991, Page 185). Explained that they still found barriers that exist to the advancement of women and minorities in the workplace. The commission must consider how prepared women and minorities are for advancement, what opportunities are available, and what policies businesses follow in making such promotions. Says (Congress,1991. page185.)

Question Three: What is the Federal Privacy Act, to whom does it apply, and what does it protect?
Answer: The privacy Act of (1974), Protects certain federal government records pertaining to individuals. In particular, the Act covers systems of records that an agency maintains and retrieves by an individual’s name or other personal identifier(e.g., social security number).Says the Federal Trade commission (2011). Protecting America’s Consumers, Retrieved from http://www.ftc.gov/foia/privacy_act.shtm. The Federal Privacy Act, protects certain personal information of an individual.

Question Four: What are the requirements of an Affirmative Action Plan? List the criteria for proof of its “remedial nature.”
Answer:   The requirements of an Affirmative Action Plan; That employees should be hired without regard to race, color,...

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