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Empowerment Essay

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Modern information technology and the rapid development of modern transportation technology promote the cross-border flow of production, as well as accelerate the process of global economic integration. Thus, the product and technology development of modern enterprises and their life cycles are getting shorter while uncertainty of market changes getting stronger. In this increasingly competitive environment, previous organizational structure has been proved difficult to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises (Ron, 1995).

Aiming to creative a dynamic, more powerful, flexible and healthy enterprise, Drucker (1950) noted that Organizational structure must contain as less management hierarchies as possible. Especially in the context of today's knowledge-based economy, it is crucial to make employees and autonomous groups are more involved in management activities of the company. Therefore, the research and the practical applications of the theory of employee empowerment have been paying more attention by scholars and entrepreneurs.

The objectives of this paper are to overview the concept of employee empowerment and how successfully implement it to reshape the enterprise architecture. Then, I will discuss the problems occur in the process of empowering employees in general, and switches focus by highlighting the perspective of the attitudes towards empowerment in china, followed with some suggestions and conclusions.

  1. Concept of employee empowerment

  Empowerment is one of the widely used commercial terms in recent years. The notion stemmed from workplace empowerment belonging to the scientific management which has been hailed as the significant weapon in new industrial (Mathes, 1992). However, it is difficult to define the concept precisely although there are hundreds of articles on the topic. According to Skirkin(1993, p.12) empowerment is the process giving the worker...

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