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En1320 Unit 6 Essay

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  • on August 7, 2015
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Unit 6 exercise 1 – guided reading
Chapter 25
1. Research by looking for information from three different types of sources:
* Online sources
* Print sources
* Empirical sources
Triangulation is used by researches in order to find out if the information is reliable from all three sources. If not, say only two sources are reliable, there leaves room from some doubt.
2. Primary sources – Actual records of artifacts, like letter, photographic, videos, memoirs, books, or personal papers that were created by the people involved in the issues and events you are researching.
Secondary sources – Writings of scholars, experts, and other knowledgeable people who have studied the topic you are researching. Both college students, who rely on Secondary sources for their topic, should always look to Primary sources for opportunities to get closer to the topic they are researching.
3. 1. Use exact words
2. Use quotation marks for specific phrase
3. Use the plus (+) sign in front of a word or phrase
4. - Can you identify and trust the author(s) of the source?
- What organization is this source associated with and why is it publishing this information?
- Does the source clearly distinguish between opinions and independent facts?
- Has the web site been updated recently?
5. If the material is trust worth, you can take quotes and cite these kinds of electronic sources in your own work.
6. Wikis – Allow their users to add and revise content, and they rely on other users to back-check facts. (example: Wikipedia)
Blogs – Used to explore a range of opinions on certain topics, but even respected and well established blogs are known to be opinionated commentaries.
Podcast – Just about anyone can make a Podcast, by using video camera or digital tape recorder. The reliability of Podcast depends on who made the audio or video file.
All three categories are okay for source collecting, but should NOT be your main source, due to being too opinionated. Should...

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