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Energy Storage in the Uk Essay

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Energy Storage ,
Supporting the integration of renewable energy in the UK.

Aurea de Jesus, Student No. 070062309
Email: abdj899@city.ac.uk


An investigation into the different energy storage technologies was carried out.   Each technology has been identified and explained so as to give an insight into their operating principle,   their advantages and disadvantages and their application suitability. It is concluded that some of these technologies suit well in the UK context as to bring more reliability to the future supply of electricity networks while helping to meet environmental goals and reduction in greenhouse gases.


Energy issues are today at the top of the global agenda. The rapid depletion of fossil fuels and climate change concerns are calling for an urgent need   to save energy and make more   use of renewable energy. In the light of these issues,   governments around the world have agreed to implement specific measures aimed at achieving energy savings and increase their percentage of renewable energy, and the UK is not an exception.   The UK   expects   to generate somewhere in between   15 to 30% of their electricity from renewable sources   by 2020.   But this additional generating capacity will put pressure on the existing electricity networks and it will not solve the problems associated with the intermittency of these sources. Energy storage provides an effective solution to this dilemma by enabling to level out power fluctuations from these resources and improve the overall power quality and reliability of energy supply systems.

Energy storage is not a new concept within the electricity sector but to date its real potential has remained relatively unexplored.   Storage facilities based on Pumped-Hydroelectricity have been in use for some decades and others such as lead-acid batteries have also been used to fulfil a variety of functions. Most commonly, energy storage systems are found in conjunction with sensitive...

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