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Eng 155 Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Ronell Ells         ENG/155

Cosmic Myth Worksheet

Choose two myths from each of the following myth categories: creation, flood, afterlife, and apocalypse. Answer the following questions for all eight myths.

Creation Myths

Myth 1: Creation of the world
Religion or culture of origin: Greek
Myth 2: Ymir and Odin
Religion or culture of origin: Norse

• Who created the world?

o Myth 1: Erebus

o Myth 2: Ymir

• Who were the main characters involved? What was the process?

o Myth 1: Erebus, Night, Day, Gaea are the main characters. Erebus and Night created Love and Love created Light and Day. Once Light and Day were created, Gaea the earth appeared.  

o Myth 2: Ymir, Odin, Hoenir, and Lodur are the main characters. At the beginning of time nthing existed. Then a great yawning abyss was present in the void of nothingness and from the the abyss darkness and cold were formed.

• What was the motivation to create the world?

o Myth 1: The motivation for creating the world was in the attempt to make order out of chaos.

o Myth 2 This myth does not state any motivation for creating the world.

• How did humankind come into being?

o Myth 1: This myth does not give a clear reason on how humankind came to be.

o Myth 2: Humans were created by the gods Odin, Hoenir, and Lodur. One day the three gods were traveling across the barren earth and came across two tress with lifeless twisted trunks. Odin shaped each tree into a man and a woman and gave them breath,   Hoenir gave them a soul and the ability to reason, and Lodur gave them warm and the colors of life.  

• Did the original creator maintain involvement in the newly created world?

o Myth 1: Yes

o Myth 2: No

Flood Myths

Myth 1: The story of Gilgamesh
Religion or culture of origin: Sumerian
Myth 2: Myth of Yoruba
Religion or culture of origin: African

• Who or what caused the flood?

o Flood Myth 1: The gods sent the flood to destroy Gilgamesh because...

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