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Eng3705 Essay

  • Submitted by: lameezj
  • on August 9, 2015
  • Category: English
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Question 1
In this essay I will be discussing how Carter’s use off postmodernism narrative techniques revises the stereotypical role of the female character in Angela Carter’s story “The Tiger’s Bride”.
The story “The Tiger’s Bride” is about a daughter whose fathers looses her to a “beast” while betting on cards. The narrator who is also the heroine tells us the story of how her father loss her to the beast of cards (Carter). This story is Carter bases on the original fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” and retells it with her own twist. This form of postmodern narrative technique is known as intertexuality. Not only does Carter link the new text and the old fairy tale but also the characters in the story.
The stereotypical role is first noticed when the beast tells the father that is he is so careless of his treasures, he should expect them to be taken from him (the father) (Carter). This assumes that beauty is somewhat an item that can be taken away, stolen or even lost. (Carter). In today’s society being called a “pearl” is seen as a compliment to all women, whereas in the story both Beauty’s father and the Beast refers to her as a “pearl”, and this makes us aware in the story from the beginning until the end that Beauty was an object that could be bought or sold by whomever owned her. The way that she is prepared to obey others unquestionably is exactly the same as the mechanical doll that serves her whilst she is at the Beast’s house. This shows women as being subservient and always obeying others especially the male sex.
Carter exceeds the heroine's comparison to animals by comparing her to the soubrette. In society women are thought not to be able to think for themselves, so the soubrette in a way symbolises that in the fact that someone needs to wind her up before she performs her maids tasks. Once the heroism had her cheeks powdered to resemble the maid she thought whether she had been given a portion of the imitative life that the doll had. Once the...

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  • Submitted by: lameezj
  • on August 9, 2015
  • Category: English
  • Length: 499 words
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