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Engineering Ethics Vs. Professional Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: rasheedsyedking
  • on February 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Engineering Ethics Vs. Professional Ethics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

My definition of personal ethics is the set of guidelines and principles
that define me as an individual and how these values and morals affect my
relationship with other people. The basis of my personal ethics stems
mostly from my religious beliefs. Apart from my religion playing a major
role in who I am as an individual today, some of the major changes in my
belief system took place due to my personal experiences in life. Growing up
my parents always instilled in me the strong values towards my religion,
faith, trust, honor and integrity. When I was young I didn’t quite
understand the importance of these values. But as I started growing up I
started seeing how these values affect one’s personality and how they shape
one as a person. I have strong feelings against people who cheat, lie, have
no respect towards others, self involved and do not care about other
people. My definition of professional engineering ethics is the ability to
balance one’s personal ethics and professional ethics for the betterment of
humanity. An engineer who only sees monetary, financial and social gains
out of such a profession is not going to abide by his responsibilities in
an ethical manner. Such a person would actually be doing more harm to the
society rather than good. Even though the purposes of professional ethics
are to set guidelines for how professionals should act, I believe that a
lack of a certain set of relevant personal ethics would have a serious
impact on the critical choices faced in the work environment. Comparing my
personal ethics to professional ethics I would claim that in the field of
engineering they seem to be in agreement. This would not be true in case if
I had picked a career in the medical field or practice of law. For example,
my views on topics such as abortion would be a battle between my personal
beliefs and professional code of conduct. I believe over a period of time
that I have learned a great deal in understanding the...

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