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English 11 Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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What are the elements of a national literature? | Setting, tone, theme and characters. |
What are the characteristics of early American literature? | Romanticism, Realism and Modernism. |
Who were the America’s earliest writers and what were their concerns? | In primitive American colonies, there were many Puritans and religious people who wrote in diaries and journals frequently. Their writings were centered on the Bible, which affected their writings greatly. Many writers attempted to connect their life to Biblical stories and believed they could live a life to become the “chosen one” to go to “Heaven”.Native Americans wrote many stories that portrayed them as barbarians in stories. The colonists thought of the New World as “Hell” and Native Americans were the ‘’devils”, the Americans were always depicted as vicious people. |
What can you learn from primary sources about early life in the Colonies? | Colonial life was difficult. Whether you were a colonist in New England where winter brought cold, sleet and snow or the southern colonists, where overwhelming heat and mosquitoes made the summers full of agony. |
What are the elements of persuasive writing? | Catchy titleLead that gives an idea what the topic is and draws the reader inA definite opinion Researched facts/statisticsPersonal examples/experiencesVoicePossible solutions to the situation or problemConclusion that summarizes the topic, restates the thesis and leaves the reader thinkingCompare and contrast your opinion to the others opinion.Emotional ResponseLogic |
What arguments for or against the use of Native American mascots exist? | During the 1960’s, National Congress of American Indians created a campaign to eliminate negative stereotyping of Native American people in the media. |
What does the poetry of Colonial America tell you about the period? | The central belief of Puritanism was that people should live their lives according to the laws of God,...

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