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Miss Estep’s 2009-2010 Syllabus
Biology I and Biology I Honors

My Information:

E-Mail Address: Leestep@henrico.k12.va.us
School Phone: (804) 228-2700
Room: 76, Back Office

I do NOT have a set classroom this year so I will be moving from classroom to classroom. If you need to find me or leave me a message, my office is in the back of Room 76. This is Mr. Sayoc’s classroom- if he is teaching, do not interrupt him to get to my office.   I will normally only be there during second block but feel free to leave a message outside the door.
Block | Subject | Room |
1 | Biology I | 77 |
2 | Planning | 76 Office |
3 | Study Hall | Trailer # 10 |
4 | Biology I | 75 |
5 | Biology I | 27 |
6 | Biology I Honors | 74 |
7 | Biology I | 74 |

Course Overview:
Welcome to Biology! I’m very excited about this year and being able to introduce you to the study of all living things—BIOLOGY! This year we’ll be studying a variety of different things and how they all relate to one another. This syllabus is to help you prepare for class and get a general idea of how class will be ran.
1st Marking Period- Basis of Science- Safety, Scientific Method, and Characteristics of Living Things
2nd Marking Period- Pieces and Processes- Cytology, Photosynthesis, Mitosis and DNA
3rd Marking Period- Genetics, Evolution and Classification
4th Marking Period- Ecology and the Kingdoms of Life

Course Expectations:
For many of you, this is your first year in high school and do not really know what to expect. That is ok, but you should realize that a lot is going to be expected of you because you are capable of extraordinary things! I believe everyone (no matter your past experience) can excel and enjoy science and I will help you do so in any way that I can. To start, here are some guidelines or tips to help you to succeed specifically in my class:
  1. Be on time to class with all your materials
  2. Come to class with a good attitude and belief in your self. You...

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