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English Essay

  • Submitted by: regineleepeiyong
  • on January 26, 2013
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The main reason for a student to attend school is to equip themselves with the skills that are needed for their future. According to the research done, attending a co-ed school actually bring more pros than cons compare to a single sex school. This has been proven by the fact which a vast proportion of schools that build nowadays are often co-ed school. So, I definitely disagree with the statement above and strongly believe that a co-ed school will always be a better choice.
First of all, the statement which most of the single sex school is better in academic is something that can’t be denied. However, we have to be aware that academic knowledge is not the only thing that a student should gain in school. There are many graduated student that pass with flying colours but have difficulty in searching for a high paid job due to their poor social skill. So, I think a co-ed school is absolutely a better choice than a single sex school for student to practice their social skills. This is because a co-ed school allow the student to experience interaction between the both opposite sexes. Hence, student will gain more confident interacting with the opposite sex.
Besides that, a school is to be said as the second home of a student. It is said so because the student spent most of their time here. Hence, I strongly believe that a coed school is better. Student need to know that they can’t live on just by understanding their own sex only. In the future, they might have most of their time facing the opposite sex. Therefore, they should be exposed to the opposite gender by now since they are young. So, they’ll have the chance to understand and get along with them. It’s the nature of the world for man and women to rule the world together so why separate them by making them to study in a single sex school?
Co-education helps boys to shed some of their roughness and coarseness of behavior and language in dealing with their girl fellow-students. Girls also get over their feelings...

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