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English Essay

  • Submitted by: MissTeeBoone
  • on January 26, 2013
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Evaluate Your Class Notes
My style of note taking is outline form. It is useful to take notes in outline form. An outline summarizes ideas in short phrase and indicates the relationship among concepts through the use of indentation. When you outline it’s best to be formal about it, using roman numerals, regular numbers, and capital and small letters. You can use outlining indentations without assigning numbers and letters. Using outlining can serve a number of functions.   With outlining it will forces you to try to determine the structure of the lecture.   With that key point you will have a better idea of how the lecture was being structured.   Outlining helps you to organize the key points in the lecture. Outlining helps you to remember the material better because you have processed it more. Taking outline notes helps your mind from drifting away from the lecture. It will also help you take down key points in the lecture to where you can understand it better. Taking outline note easier to read and understand what was talked about. Before I leave class, I make sure my notes are completed. I also make sure that my note covers what was presented in class. I make sure my notes emphasize what the instructor has spoken about. I will make sure I have all the key points and they are clear to understand. By looking at my notes I will make sure I don’t need any clarification on the points my instructor talked about. I also make sure that I ask questions if I missed anything when I was taking my notes.   I will also make sure to see if I may need to follow up with the instructor if I need to.   These are the strategies that will help me evaluate my note taking skills.

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