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English Lit Essay

  • Submitted by: thejudge28
  • on September 18, 2012
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English Literature Essay
1A) Tam starts the poem by telling us about his surroundings and then goes on to tell us that he is drinking with his friends. Tam talks about his wife as he portrays her as a figure to be feared. He continues to drink and then flirts with the landlady that owns the pub. He then gets on his horse, a gray mare Meg for a dark, long and lonely ride home. Burns goes on to explain the creepy surroundings of the Ayrshire countryside that Tam has to ride through. Tam explains that he sees a hallucinating dance involving witches and warlocks, open coffins and the Devil. He watches silently until the dancing witches strip their clothes and he is interested in on particular witch named Nannie. Then Tam cannot help but shout out and all goes dark. The Devil and all follow him and Nannie grabs the horses tail and pulls it off, until he passes over running water, which the Devil nor the warlocks or witches are able to cross. Then the poem comes to a conclusion as Barnes gives a warning to everyone about the moral of the poem.
1B) The last stanza:
“Now, wha this tale o’ truth shall read,
Ilk man and mother’s son, take heed:
Whene’er to drink you are inclin’d
Or cutty-sarks run in your mind,
Think, ye may buy the joys o’er dear,
Remember Tam o’ Shanter’s mare.”

2A) I do believe that Apollonius did the right thing in this situation in which he revealed Lamia’s true identity. Because if I was Lycius I would want to know the truth about my soon to be wife and I believe that the truth is always best (besides small white lies).
2B) A real life situation would be If my best friend was getting married and I knew that she was cheated on him. I know that this is his dream girl and I do not believe I could live, the rest of my life knowing that he was marring a woman that was total lie. And I know that he would be heart broken and would be dead on the inside as Lycius died from the grief. And just as Limia disappeared, my best friend’s dream girl...

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