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English Literature Course Work – Section a Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Shadrack Wayi-Wayi  
English Literature Course Work – Section A                                                                      
Using the voice and narrative techniques of David Gutterson, write the diary of Kabuo Miyamoto from his arrest until he is acquitted.

5TH December 1954(Day 1)- As I sit in this confined area, I bring myself to the realism that my fate is already definite. Despite the declarations of my innocence, I myself know the resentment this community has for me and it is because of this exterior that I and my ancestors before me have suffered. It is this state of perpetual ignorance that causes me to fear the outcome of my trial.   I close my eyes and begin to question the value of my life, it was then when I began to envision a life away from those I cherish. A life without freedom.  
I turn and see the same look of disgust on the faces of people wherever I go. I was determained not to give them the satisfaction of seeing me suffer so I displayed no fear, no emotion. Yet these people show emotion so clearly that I almost envy it. People view me as cold and arrogant, but I am not. I have seen things no man should see. I have witnessed life at its most vulnerable helpless form, when it is closest to death, and it is moments like these that leave me isolated and alone, trapped in a prison of my own experiences and surrounded by people who cannot even begin to comprehend what I have sacrificed for this country.   People like Etta Heine will never understand this, she is consumed by hatred to the point where I feel nothing but pity for her. It is people like her however, who will decide my fate.
I gaze at the flickering lights in this cold lifeless cell, dreaming of our future together knowing I may not see my wife and children again, I clench my fists as the anger pours through my body, I start to recall all of the wrong that I have done in this life. The ‘guilt’ builds up inside of me knowing that this could be my chastisement for...

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