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Enlightenment Essay

  • Submitted by: slimduncan
  • on November 12, 2012
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Thesis: The Enlightenment paved way for educational importance and the consumer revolution.
The influence of European ideas played a big role in the growing of American life in the eighteenth century. In Europe, the Enlightenment was great and was uplifting throughout the entire country. While it may have been to a lesser degree in America, it no doubt paved the way to how our society is today. Colonists no longer blindly believed in the divinity of God, but they also sought after scientific reasoning, while defending the old school, traditional means of Christianity. The basis of the Enlightenment was that, while God had power, He gave us the opportunity to achieve moral perfection. He allowed our lives to be played and determined by our own actions.
The American Enlightenment gave birth to many scientific thinkers. While Europe had Sir Isaac Newton and Voltaire, the American Enlightenment was fueled by Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin’s main viewpoint in regards to Enlightenment was the value of reason. Franklin was a person who believed in achieving moral perfection. In his autobiography, he explains the thirteen steps toward moral perfection, and how he went about attempting to master all of them. Unlike the Puritan beliefs, Franklin and those affected by the Enlightenment promoted the importance of literature, science, and philosophy. Franklin’s efforts were vital in the transformation of our country. He founded libraries and his life mission was to broaden the spectrum of his fellow people’s intelligence.
The American Enlightenment was also the birth of the consumer revolution. During this time period, Americans started to buy more and more goods from the English. This growth in consumption allowed everyday people the opportunity to purchase items that normally would have been found only on the upper class’s dinner table. The English, while more than happy to appease their buyers offered Americans credit, where they could hold off on the final...

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